When you notice cracks in your drywall or in your home’s foundation, you should first call a foundation repair contractor. To be sure, this is a good strategy, as a foundation repair contractor has the tools and knowledge to be able to fix your cracks and make them look like they never happened.

You may be surprised to learn, however, that foundation repair in Little Rock involves much more than simply fixing the cracks caused by a settling or uneven foundation. Keep reading to understand the complex process that is foundation repair.


One common cause of cracks in basements is water seeping in from the surrounding soil. Water has an incredible talent to work its way into even the smallest holes, freezing and thawing with the seasons until it has formed quite a large crack.

To help protect against this possibility, though, foundation repair in Little Rock contractors take their job as waterproofers quite seriously. From moisture barriers to waterproof coatings and many other solutions in between, foundation repair contractors will help keep your foundation dry in order to prevent cracks from forming.


Another possible cause of foundation cracks is an uneven home. Whether caused by faulty construction methods or uneven settling, an uneven home is bad news for a foundation, as it causes the weight to be distributed unevenly, meaning one side will crack while the other will warp.

To help protect against further damage from this issue, foundation repair in Little Rock contractors must also be good at futureproofing. In this instance, futureproofing looks like leveling the house using a variety of methods to ensure the house will be level both now and in the future. This will help reposition the load, putting less stress on the foundation.

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