As the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes is legalized in states throughout the US, more consumers are looking for products designed to target specific ailments. There are hundreds of different varieties available, which makes choosing the best strain a challenge, especially for a beginning user. One option that is quickly gaining notoriety is cherry pie in Lynwood WA, as it provides a user with a unique high that comes with a plethora of mental and physical benefits.

Plant Characteristics

Cherry Pie, which is often referred to as Cherry Kush, is an indica-hybrid that was developed after crossing Grandaddy Diesel with Purple Poison. It is a favorite of growers, due to its hardy nature and ability to withstand environmental threats with minimal impact. The plants are also known for their ability to generate massive harvests, which makes it an affordable strain that is easy to source.

Common Uses

Though the overall effect of cherry pie in Lynwood WA will depend on the user, this type of marijuana is widely used to treat insomnia and physical pain. It is also known for its ability to reduce anxiety and depression by lifting a person’s mood without creating an excess amount of energy. This strain is usually consumed through smoking or vaping, although the hint of cherry that most users taste make it an excellent option for edibles.

Physical Effects

Indica hybrids are designed to mix the depressant properties of a sativa with the energizing effects of an indica strain in one package, and the result is a mild high that doesn’t leave a person feeling lethargic. Most users will experience a decent amount of euphoria and an increased amount of focus. It will also produce a relaxed feeling that is designed to help a person sleep without knocking them out.

If the idea of selecting a strain of marijuana is overwhelming, don’t fret. The budtenders at Local Roots Marijuana Dispensary are experts in assisting people with a wide array of ailments discover the strain that is best suited to their needs. Schedule an appointment today to meet with a cannabis professional, and take the first step in elevating the consumption of marijuana to a new level of enjoyment.

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