At one time bed bugs were common in the U.S. Then poisons like DDT just about eliminated the problem. However most effective treatments were found to be so dangerous that they were outlawed. That fact, coupled with an increase in International travel, has caused an increase in the number of bed bugs, even in upscale Florida communities like Wellington. Although it is possible to use home remedies to control the insects, most people prefer professionals. When they need Bed Bug Treatment Wellington Florida residents rely on experts like Above & Beyond Pest Control to quickly find and remove all bugs.

It Is Hard for Non-Professionals to Find the Bugs

One reason that bed bugs have begun thriving again is that they are good travelers and can hide almost anywhere. It is not uncommon to find them in door frames and even in wallpaper. Sunlight or dryer heat can destroy them on clothing and other textiles, but most people never find all of the bugs, let alone their eggs. However, when they choose expert Bed Bug Treatment Wellington Florida homeowners enlist the help of technicians who are trained to recognize signs of the insects and then eliminate them.

Bed Bug Problems Spread Very Quickly

By choosing professional Bed Bug Treatment Wellington Florida customers also control the spread of the insects. That is critical, since they reproduce very quickly. In fact, many are imported by travelers who bring a few home from countries where the bugs are still common. It only takes a small number of the pests to quickly create hundreds in closets, bedding, furniture and carpets. They also move from apartment to apartment and can infest entire condos in a flash.

Professionals Can Save Customers’ Property

For many years it was typical for homeowners to throw away belongings infested with bed bugs. They often burned their things and then scrubbed homes completely, often more than once. Today professionals use methods that allow customers to save most, if not all of their things and still make sure that all bugs are gone. In fact, technicians guarantee results and continue to treat until clients are satisfied. Click here for more details.

The bed bug problem that was once nearly eliminated in the U.S. has returned. The bugs often arrive in travelers luggage and then quickly reproduce into thousands. Fortunately, pest control professionals now have effective treatments that kill all adults and eggs.
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