Boiler systems have been used as a source of heat since the late 1800s, and though they have experienced a lot of updates thanks to innovations in technology, it is still crucial to have them inspected and serviced on an annual basis. Failing to schedule Commercial Boiler Service In South Hills not only causes a system to operate inefficiently, but it may also lead to serious safety issues. The following is a quick look at what a professional will inspect during an annual service appointment.

Corrosion and Rust Detection

A boiler uses a series of pipes and tanks to create pressure and steam through the production of heat, and one of the biggest threats to the safe operation of a system is a leak. The presence of rust and other signs of corrosion is one of the first symptoms of an issue with the plumbing components in a boiler. A professional will inspect all of these areas for signs of wear and tear and make recommendations on needed repairs or replacements to keep a system operating reliably.

Water Pressure and Combustion Source

For a system to operate efficiently, it must maintain an adequate amount of pressure and have a fuel source that is capable of producing the required amount of heat. During Commercial Boiler Service In South Hills, a technician will inspect the pressure of the system at various points to ensure that there are no release valves that are malfunctioning. They will also examine the combustion chamber to ensure that any burner components are operating correctly and not showing signs of excessive wear and tear.

Ventilation and Control Module

The last sections to be examined are the ventilation fans and pipes, and the control module. The technician will inspect the exhaust pipe for the presence of soot and other forms of pollution buildup that may serve to prevent the flow of air. Lastly, they will ensure that the control module is working as intended and that any safety features are working reliable in the event of a serious malfunction.

A regular inspection of a boiler system is an excellent way to keep a system running smooth. The boiler repair team at South Side Plumbing and Heating offers 24/7 service in times of emergent need and is licensed to perform boiler inspections. Visit to learn more and schedule a service appointment today.

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