General construction contractors face a very real issue with theft and material loss on a project. This becomes a more significant concern on large and long-term projects where there are higher numbers of subcontractors, laborers, and personnel with access to the site.

Vandalism on construction sites is another concern and one that can negatively impact the bottom line during the project. Together, vandalism and theft are considerations for any project, but they are risks that are mitigated with the outsourcing of security services.

Outsourcing to an established security company allows the project management team to focus on the construction aspects of the job while the security company manages loss prevention and safety on the site. Hiring a security company rather than attempting to hire security guards and managing the security aspects of the job offers several benefits.

Trained Professional Security Staff

Outsourcing construction security means having trained, experienced guards on the worksite. These professionals are familiar with reporting and recording systems, know their responsibilities and legal rights, and offer experience in handling a range of situations specific to theft, vandalism, and trespassing on construction sites.

Security companies provide ongoing training, assessments, and evaluations of their staff. The use of best practices in both addressing situations as well as preventing theft and vandalism are front and center in training for the guards, resulting in better protection of the construction site.

Assessment of the Location

Outsourcing construction services typically begins with an overall site assessment from a trained security expert. This service is essential to ensure the site is adequately patrolled, visible, and monitored to minimize the risk of loss in blind spots or remote areas.

Trained guards and an effective security plan are the two fundamental reasons outsourcing construction security is something your company should consider. It will reduce theft, vandalism, and material loss.

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