South Florida is noted for its airy, elegant homes, and many of them feature minimalist designs. They are often centered on industrial chic decorating styles that are popular among those who like clean, simple lines and easily maintained surfaces. Owners often use wallpaper to create the looks they want, which is why there is a demand for cement concrete wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Many homeowners contact Atlantic Wallpaper & Decor so they can choose from a wide variety of concrete wallcoverings.

Cement Concrete Styles Are Trendy

Homeowners often choose cement concrete wallpaper in Ft. Lauderdale FL when they want to create trendy looks. Some use actual concrete on floors or countertops and install wallcoverings that replicate the look of natural materials. The concrete cement look has become exceptionally popular in commercial buildings and homes that feature industrial chic styling. Designers create stunning effects by combining elements like glass, metal, and stone. Wallpapers that look like concrete allow them to get the edgy look they want without changing building materials.

Wallcoverings Offer Endless Design Options

Although natural concrete is usually smooth and a stark gray color, cement concrete wallpapers are available in a range of colors and styles. As a result, clients can use them to produce custom looks. For example, suppliers offer grunge, rustic, ombre, and retro patterns. Clients can also recreate the look of stark industrial concrete surfaces in a range of gray tones. There are even murals that look like cracked concrete. Homeowners may paper entire rooms or just use wallpaper to create accent walls. Some add chair rails and use concrete wallpapers on either the top or bottom half of walls. In fact, the design possibilities are endless.

Wallpaper Is Easy to Maintain

Customers also choose quality concrete wallpapers because they can solve design problems and are easy to maintain. Wallpapering an old, flawed surface can transform it. Once installed, wallcoverings are easily wiped down and will stay beautiful for years.

There is a heavy demand for wallpaper that mimics the look of concrete. Concrete wallpapers are often used to produce industrial chic designs. They can be adapted to create custom looks and are simple to maintain.

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