When St. Louis weather gets warm, home improvement projects increase, and window replacement is one of the most popular upgrades. Owners who want to make homes more energy efficient schedule expert Window Replacement in St. Louis MO. Many upgrade windows so they can choose glass that filters the sun’s UV rays. Replacing windows is also common because it instantly improves curb appeal and offers an excellent return on investment.

New Windows Lower Energy Bills

Customers whose homes still have their original windows often decide on Window Replacement in St. Louis MO. Years ago, most home windows were made with single-pane glass that allowed drafts into rooms and made it hard to heat and cool houses efficiently. Also, older windows may be loose and include damaged surrounds. Customers can eliminate those problems when they choose well-insulated replacement windows that are designed for their climate. During installation, professionals correct any structural flaws that cause energy leaks and ensure new windows are airtight.

Replacement Windows Offer UV Protection

Homeowners who want to protect themselves and their belongings from sun damage also schedule window replacement via sites like amrichardsglass.com. Company sites often include a “Browse the website” invitation that encourages customers to review a range of available options. For example, glass specialists can provide and install insulated glass that has a sun filter.

Companies like Pella offer collections that include elegant windows with glass designed to block ultraviolet rays. Some double or triple-paned glass can block 94% of UV rays. Minimizing UV rays protects home interiors from sun damage and also shields inhabitants.

Window Replacement Increases Home Values

Replacing windows is often the first project in a home renovation because it provides dramatic results and is a smart financial move. New windows give a home an instant makeover that increases curb appeal. Replacement windows are a good investment because they offer an exceptional return on investment compared to other upgrades. The National Association of Realtors reports that homeowners typically recoup 78% of window replacement costs when homes are sold.

Window replacement is a popular upgrade that increases property values and curbs appeal. New windows make homes more energy efficient and can also filter out dangerous UV rays.

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