A high end car dealer in Barrington will offer customers new vehicles as well as pre-owned vehicles. Of course, technically, any car that is not bought brand new is “pre-owned” but there is a significant difference in this sector. A used car is one that has usually been taken in trade, those that are not up to the standard of the dealer are sent to auction while those that are in excellent condition are reconditioned and put on the used car lot.

There is a middle ground, a certified pre-owned car has many of the benefits that you would expect when buying a new car but for considerably less money. There are a number of valid reasons why you might want to look into the CPO program that is offered by a high-end car dealer in Barrington.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of a CPO vehicle is the fact that it will come with an extended warranty. Yes, you might find a used car that still has some of the factory warranty left but when it is over; any problems are your problems. When you purchase a certified pre-owned car you can expect a considerably longer warranty.

High-quality vehicles:

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a better quality vehicle, far better than a typical used car. Before a car can be sold as CPO it is first subjected to a battery of tests and a bumper to bumper inspection. Any repairs that need to be made are made and any parts that are worn are replaced. It would be rare for a certified pre-owned car to have any defects.

A lot of cars that are classified as CPO vehicles are those that have come off lease; these cars are traditionally low mileage and have been well looked after and rarely are they more than three years old.

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