When it comes to heating water, there are several options. Propane and electric are two of the most commonly chose methods of heating your water for your home. Prior to making the decision to use propane in Hartford, CT to heat your water, it is a good idea to know why propane is the best solution. Here you will learn about the benefits and drawbacks to each, but you will see that propane comes out on top.

How They Work
Electric water heaters heat your water through an electric coil that is inside your hot water tank. Electricity runs through the coil, causing it to heat up and turn cold water to hot water. Conversely, the use of propane in Hartford, CT uses a pilot light and burner. The pilot light remains on and only turns the burner on when the temperature inside the water tanks drops to a set temperature. It works similar to a thermostat.

Cost Considerations
One of the main concerns for many homeowners is the cost of their utilities. Although choosing propane in Hartford, CT can be a more expensive installation process than electric hot water, the cost savings in the long run is very beneficial. This is because propane hot water tanks are more energy efficient than electric versions. In addition, a propane hot water tank will last more than twice as long as an electric hot water tank, which also saves you money in the long run.

Energy Efficient Considerations
As was previously mentioned, propane hot water tanks are more energy effieicent than electric varieties. This is because the propane heats the water in less time than it takes for an electric hot water tank to heat. This means that your energy bills will be much higher with electric than if you chose propane in Hartford, CT. In addition, heating with electricity is much more expensive, and uses the most energy.

Other Propane Benefits
In addition to the benefits of choosing propane listed above, there are a few additional factors that lead to the decision to choose propane. For instance, a propane water heater requires less space than an electric one. Furthermore, a propane water heat is less expensive to operate and maintain, and heats twice as fast as an electric hot water heater. It is recommended that you have a professional install your cost and energy efficient propane hot water heater today.

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