You know your child better than anyone. If you see signs that your child may be gifted, you owe it to them to enroll them in an educational program that will nurture their gifts. While public schools may have programs for gifted students, these children spend most of their day being taught the standard curriculum. There is a Private School in Silver Spring that can provide the kind of early education your child needs to succeed in school and in life.

Gifted children often learn very differently than other children in their age group. They need a supportive learning environment where they have the freedom to explore and grow with other kids like them. Their first experience with the formal educational system should be a positive one. That is why enrolling your gift child in a Private School in Silver Spring that caters to young children with high learning potential is so important.

A low student to teacher ratio is an important factor in choosing a learning environment for your gifted child. Children need guidance and encouragement that is just not possible in crowded early childhood classrooms. Small class sizes allow children to develop relationships with their classmates and teachers that will enhance their lifelong success in school. When there are less students, children are able to share their work and get feedback and encouragement on a daily basis.

While public schools and traditional educational program focus on rote learning and memorization, a Private School in Silver Spring will help ensure your child gains understanding of the subject matter. By understanding concepts, your child will be more prepared for more advanced studies as they get older. A program where questions are encouraged is more suitable for a gifted child than a traditional school setting.

Young children should be allowed to run and play freely. Because social and physical growth are important to overall development, a good school will incorporate free time into the daily schedule. At Feynman School, a pre-kindergarten through third grade private school in Silver Spring, enjoy a complete learning experience. The curriculum includes language arts, math, science, Spanish and performing arts.


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