The use of dealership inventory software may help you provide your new and returning customers with a pleasant shopping or service experience. This tool can help you track vehicle and part inventory as well as keep track of important details about your customers. Ultimately, you can take proactive steps to ensure that you always have the products that your patrons want and need.

Use Customer Data to Send Targeted Marketing Materials

If you know that your customer typically buys or leases Ford vehicles, you can send emails about available Ford lease or financing deals. If you know that an individual needs is due for an oil change or other routine service, you can email that person a reminder to come in as soon as possible. Generally speaking, people appreciate when they hear from a dealer after a sale as it makes them feel like more than a source of revenue for the business.

Never Run Out of the Items Your Customers Need

Dealership inventory software can help to minimize the chances that your service center runs out of motor oil, engine parts or other important items. Ensuring that key items are always in stock ensures that you can offer timely and quality service to your patrons. If a vehicle owner doesn’t believe that you provide the best service, that person will likely take his or her money elsewhere.

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