Nearly three million domestic cats and dogs are euthanized each year simply because they have no one to take care of them. Animal shelters are typically filled to capacity and must euthanize animals in order to make room for new ones that might have a better chance of being adopted. An easy way to help be a part of the solution to pet overpopulation is to Spay and Neuter Leawood KS your pets. Aside from saving an animal from being abandoned and euthanized, there are many compelling reasons to spay and neuter your pets:

  • Animals will live longer, healthier lives. Pets that are fixed by the time they are one year old can live as much as five years longer than unaltered pets. Females have a lower risk of developing breast cancer and the risk of testicular cancer is reduced for males.
  • Your pets will be better behaved and less aggressive. Males in particular will be less aggressive when neutered at a young age. All pets that are fixed are more easily trainable because they will respect you as their leader. This also stops animals from spraying or marking their territory.
  • Females will not go into heat cycles. Dogs and cats in heat can cause a mess. They can also attract strange male animals onto your property, which can pose a danger to your pets and your family.
  • Cats and dogs that have been fixed are less likely to roam far away from your house. This reduces their chances of getting lost, being killed in a car accident, or attacked by a wild animal.

Many people do not have their pets fixed because they assume that they cannot afford it. Check with veterinarians or places like Cherokee Animal Clinic to find out how much it would cost to spay or neuter your pet. On average, it will cost less than $200, with neutering being less expensive. Many clinics and shelters offer low-cost Spay and Neuter Leawood KS programs for people who have trouble affording the procedure. These programs can cost as little as $50, or allow you to make payments through a payment plan. When you are considering getting a new pet, think about adopting through a shelter. Not only will you give an unwanted animal a loving home, but most shelters spay or neuter animals before they are adopted.

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