When your dogs are not inside the house with you, they deserve a backyard refuge, a place to escape the weather and feel safe. Canines instinctively love having a “den” of their own. That’s why you need a backyard dog house in Wilmington, DE. A dog house provides your pooch a place to escape, take a nap and feel safe.

Dog Den Behavior

According to the American Humane Society, dogs are den animals. Dogs instinctively need to have a refuge, their own place that’s just big enough for them to fit curl up inside and feel safe. It’s a place they can go to when they feel under stress.

You may have noticed that your dog will wedge themselves behind the couch, or hide under the bed. That is your dog instinctively seeking out a “den”. Dogs will often exhibit this behavior when they need to get away from something stressful, such as fireworks or even a family party. Each dog is individual, and has their own tolerance levels for different types of stress.

But what about when you are away at work, and your dog is left alone in the backyard? Does your dog have a safe place? Or is your canine companion left on his or her own, making do with a makeshift den? That will only add to your dog’s stress levels.

Fortunately, dog houses come in many styles, sizes, and colors, so you are sure to find one that will fit you and your dog.

Get your canine companion a dog house in Wilmington, DE, at greentreestructures.com.

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