Bird watching is a fun and awe-inspiring pastime. It is a great way to share a love of nature with others while you enjoy the many benefits of time spent outdoors. You can even spend time watching birds on rainy days by adding wooden bird houses to your backyard. These three tips will have you attracting a great variety of feathered friends.

1. Place Wooden Bird Houses in Protected Areas

Offering protection by keeping pets out of the area and planting vegetation that provides cover for birds. This will help them feel at ease so they can relax and enjoy the housing you have provided. Small trees, bushes and shrubs with thorns allow small birds to escape inside in case a predator happens to notice them.

2. Offer Fresh Water and Food

Birdseed and suet cakes are a big incentive for birds to visit. They also like berries, so plants that offer winter fruit are an especially good choice for landscaping around your bird houses. A steady supply of fresh water is crucial for birds year-round, and a birdbath or small fountain will attract them in droves.

3. Watch Your Visitors From a Distance

Birds are beautiful to watch, but you should resist the urge to visit them up close. They will feel more secure if you keep a reasonable distance from their nests. This goes double for children and pets that might have trouble respecting space boundaries.

With a little planning and care, you can enjoy watching birds of all sizes and colors from the comfort of your own home. Contact Beaver Dam Woodworks at for a great selection of high-quality copper-topped wooden bird houses designed to enhance your backyard bird watching.

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