If you have an elderly family member who isn’t ready to go to a nursing home but still needs some kind of skilled care, then consider hiring a caregiver. Aside from providing basic healthcare that’s needed, there are a few other reasons why you might want to consider inviting this person into your family member’s home.

New Issues

If caregivers in Orland Park notice any new issues while they are providing care, then they can report those changes to the person’s doctor. You can also talk about these changes so that you can put a plan in place to pay more attention to your family member in the event these changes become worse over time.


Sometimes, your loved one might need emotional support that can’t be given by family members. A spouse or another family member could have died, or your loved one might not know how to cope with being alone. Caregivers in Orland Park can sit and talk with the people they care for so that they have someone who will listen instead of only providing healthcare all the time.


When there are a lot of medications to take or even if there are only a few that need to be taken at certain times during the day, a caregiver can assist by making sure your family member takes what is needed. The caregiver can also call the person’s doctor to request a prescription or alert the doctor about any side effects that are noted with medications.

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