There is no question that the Providence Dating scene can be challenging; however, when you are on a bad date, it makes it much, much worse. Do you know the signs that you are on a bad first date? Believe it or not, even some veteran daters may not recognize these signs right away. If you are ready to learn what the signs are that your date is doomed, read the information here.

The Other Person is not what You Consider Your “Type”

Just because you have seen a photo of the person, it does not mean you will feel the same way when you meet in person. However, you should not rule out a person simply because they are not your “type.” There are thousands of very happy couples who were not originally each other’s types. If you begin to think superficially that this person is not your “type” consider giving them a chance and redefining exactly what your type is.

Your Date Appears Extremely Nervous

While you may believe that extreme cases of nervousness on a first date is not a good sign, it likely just means that the other person is really into you. In fact, after a few dates, they may get over the jitters and be able to relax and have fun. When you are on a date with someone really nervous try to be understanding; this will likely work out for your both.

Your Date Lets You Know there are Others in the Picture

When you have a date that is willing to disclose everything, this is actually a good sign. While you may not be particularly thrilled they are dating others, the fact that the person was honest with you is a great sign. A date that is willing to let you know what is really going on may actually be worth something and something to consider pursuing.

You Begin to Argue

If you begin to have a conversation with your date and then begin to argue, despite what you may think, this is not a bad sign. In fact, it may mean that you have chemistry with the person. Even if this is not what you expected, when you argue it can actually lead to much more interesting conversations in the future, which is an important factor in any good relationship. Don’t rule out this person right away.

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