Bruxism is the medical term given to the gnashing of teeth. People who suffer from clenching chew their food by pressing the upper teeth with the lower, moving them forward and backward. This exerted pressure from the jaw develops unconsciously, and can cause various adverse symptoms for both the mouth and for overall health. To take care of this issue it is best if you visit your local Dental Office in Kona and seek a consultation. visit the web pages of

Clinical Manifestations
Bruxism occurs unconsciously and often during sleep, something of which is often difficult to diagnose, and needs to be done by a qualified dentist. The symptoms are varied and not only affect our teeth but our overall health. Beyond increased tooth sensitivity to cold, heat and sweet foods, bruxism is felt outside the mouth as well. It can cause jaw and ear pain in the temporomandibular joint or headaches and cause anxiety, general stress and even insomnia.

Bruxism Triggers
Bruxism can be very damaging to those who suffer from it, so it’s very important to detect it as soon as possible. The causes of grinding have not been clarified yet, but it’s believed that the main factor is stress. Some dentists have emphasized the misalignment of teeth, diet, or posture or sleep habits as well.

Treating Bruxism
Your local Dental Office in Kona is responsible for implementing a personalized treatment to help you cope with bruxism. Its main objective is to eliminate the symptomatological pain while preserving tooth structure. For this reason, most dentists resort to the use of the Michigan splint, avoiding some dental dams in bruxism during sleep, which prevent premature wear of the teeth and loosening of the entire masticatory system.

Other Therapeutic Recommendations
Apart from the use of splints, other resources try to remove the cause of stress through relaxation exercises or by massaging the areas where the pain occurs. In some cases, you can change the pattern of bite with orthodontics. If after reading this article you feel that you suffer from the signs of bruxism, contact your dental clinic so your dentist can make an accurate diagnosis of your particular case. For more information contact Carter S Yokoyama DDS today.

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