For many, discovering a love of and passion for wine is one of the best things that have happened to them. If you’re the same, if you’ve only recently discovered the joys of wine, then these tips should make the next few months much more fun.

Join Events

Be part of the community. Look at KC winery’s events in Topeka to give you an idea where you could get started. It could be a wine tasting. It could be a meeting of locals who love wine and are only too happy to share recommendations as well as their knowledge and expertise.

Look for Groups

Being part of a group helps. If you’re lucky enough to find one with members who are as much in love with wine as you, or even better if you find members with years of knowledge and experience in wine tastings and connoisseurship, then you’re set. You’ll learn a lot from them. From suggestions to knowledge and advice, being part of a group of wine lovers can add value to your life.

Do Your Homework

Research the brands and wines that you like. What tastes do you prefer? Which brand has a better option? What flavor notes do you want in the wine?

Don’t Forget the Food

Sometimes, you drink wine solo. Just chill the wine and spend a few minutes sipping liquid magic while you watch your Netflix shows or gaze at the sunset. Other times, though, you’ll want to pair that up with food. If that’s the case, be sure to pay attention to the basics. For instance, whites like Sauvignon blanc work with fish and chicken while a good Chardonnay can be paired with creamy pastas or fish. For lighter meat dishes or pork, look for a Chenin blanc. Merlot is for cheeses, pork, and lamb while Cabernets are for beef or chocolate dessert.

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