Whether a person is just starting to delve into the world of wine drinking, is an expert, or falls somewhere in between, finding a store with the right selection can take time and practice. A store with a good wine selection will carry varieties originating from different countries, varying price ranges, different reds, whites, and mixes, and some ages. Different wineries will also be represented in a store with a comprehensive selection. Provence Wines in Hamptons NY is one of the available collections at Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc.


Wines come in a wide range of flavors and ages. Different types of grapes are used to make chardonnay wines versus pinot noir wines. Some individuals like to experiment with different tastes, collections, and ages. Others prefer to stick to select types of wines, but will experiment with those wines from diverse wineries and countries. Chardonnay, for example, can be produced in Argentina, the United States, France, or New Zealand. Variances in smells and tastes can exist between countries and wineries for the same type of wine. Although usually dry, a chardonnay can taste more like oak from one winery and more like an apple from another.


The same type of wine can vary in price, and many wine enthusiasts find wines falling within the middle range to be just as appealing as those that are on the more expensive end. Even some low-priced variations can end up tasting better to some than those that are more expensive. Ranges of factors are behind wine prices, including country of origin, the location of the winery and the types of grapes the winery uses, yearly weather and growing conditions, and the winery’s methods. Researching separate wineries, such as Provence Wines in Hamptons NY, can provide insight into price ranges.

Knowing which types of wines to purchase involves research and experimentation. Some discover a favorite collection, a type, or country of origin. Look for a store that features choices regarding prices, ages, wineries, collections, types, and countries. The best way to know which wine to purchase is to experiment. Try a different one each time while sticking to pleasing flavors. Like us on Facebook.

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