It can be very confusing when you first walk into a carpet store and the sales person asks you want type of carpet you are looking for. The good news is that if you are shopping for carpet in Lakeville, MN you can quickly learn what carpet type or types you prefer and then narrow down your choices from there.

Think of asking for a particular type of carpet in Lakeville, MN as you would narrow down your search for a specific type of sofa or a particular type of car. You wouldn’t want to ask for a brown car, you want to be able to tell the salesperson that you want a SUV or a sedan. The general carpet types provide the same level of selection.


For most heavy traffic areas of the home Berber is the go to carpet in Lakeville, MN. Each strand of the carpet is not just as single strand, it is actually a loop that goes up through the carpet pad. Berber carpet can have a level loop, so the carpet is uniform in texture and appearance, or there can be patterned loops that create a textured pattern through the carpet.

In some cases Berber carpets can also have cut loops as well as complete loops, which provide additional texture to the carpet. Most Berber carpets have several colors or flecks throughout the carpet, but some are a solid color.

Plush Carpet

Plush carpets can come in many different styles and lengths and is designed to be soft and airy. It is a single strand fiber and not a loop and can be very dense or less dense depending on the style.

There is also a top selling carpet in Lakeville, MN known as a Plush Saxony. It is designed to be very soft, resistant to traffic and has a slight sheen to the fibers. It can be textured as well to give a slight pattern within the carpet.

If you remember the late 60s and the 70s then you are familiar with shag carpet in Lakeville, MN. This is a loose carpet that has longer individual strands to create a distinctive look. New carpet fibers make modern shag much more durable than the old styles.

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