This is a question a lot of companies are asking themselves and those who aren’t shouldn’t be. The simple fact of the matter is any firm that relies on the Internet for getting business done should look into a backup Internet connection. This type of additional expense is actually one that can indirectly add to the bottom line by enhancing productivity and keeping performance up even if outages occur elsewhere.

What Is It?

A backup Internet connection is simply a secondary ISP that is designed to offer peace of mind. If one provider’s service goes down, a company has access to the other line to keep operations going.

How Does It Work?

In some cases, in-house IT departments manage backup connections manually. This means they physically switch over to the secondary line if there’s trouble with the main provider. This is, however, not the best way to go. For seamless operation and less downtime, it’s best to go with a service that offers redundancy and WAN management.

Why Use a Management Service?

When a backup Internet connection is managed by a service that oversee redundancy and other WAN-related services, companies can benefit even more. These services tend to have technology that automatically handles the switchover in the event of an outage. That means downtime is virtually eliminated, which can have huge benefits for those served.

Backup connection management can help companies that use this type of service by:

  • Reducing or eliminating downtime – It takes time to manually switch a network over to a new connection. Service providers make the switch almost instantly, which means loss of productive time is virtually eliminated. This is huge for companies that just can’t afford their connections to go down.
  • Enhanced speed and performance – The best providers of managed services don’t just monitor connections for uptime. They also pay attention to performance. If one connection is overloaded or running too slow for optimum performance, they can automatically switch over to a different provider to ensure that company operations run at the speeds desired. This enhances productivity and can lead to bottom line improvements as a result.

A backup Internet connection is a must for any company that needs to stay connected to get work done. When these services are managed, the end result is greater efficiency.

Ready to explore what a backup Internet connection can do for your business?

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