If you wish to establish paternity or become the legal father of a child, you can proceed in one of three ways. If you are already married to the child’s mother at the time of his or her birth, you automatically become the child’s father. This designation is made whether or not you are a child’s biological father.

Signing an Affidavit

If no one is currently the legal father of a child, you can establish paternity by working with a paternity lawyer in Cedar Rapids, IA. In this case, you would need to sign an affidavit or a legal document where the mother states you are the child’s father.

Appealing to the Court

A paternity lawyer can also assist you in one other way. If you are unable to sign an affidavit, the court can issue an order that states you are a child’s father. If you are not a child’s biological father when your spouse gives birth to a child, you can also have the court disestablish paternity. This is only done during certain court proceedings.

As a result, a paternity lawyer can help you immeasurably, whether you want to establish or disestablish paternity. For example, if you are going through a divorce, a court will disestablish paternity if you and your spouse both write statements that affirm you are not the child’s father. If you and your partner do not agree you are not the child’s father, you must request that the court disestablish paternity.

If you have already signed a paternity affidavit but do not believe you are a child’s father, you can cancel the original affidavit by completing a cancellation affidavit. Work with a paternity lawyer to further review your rights in this regard.

In order to find out more about the process of establishing or disestablishing paternity, visit such sites as Jjwlegal.com for additional details and to arrange a legal consultation.

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