As a hotel, community center, conference center or facilities manager you know that not every event, especially when it comes to wedding receptions, is going to be the same. Some may be really large with hundreds of guests while others may be just a handful of people for an immediate family celebration. Having a portable banquet bar at your facility will help you in setting up a room for either option.

Large Groups

Typically when people are planning a large wedding they choose a larger facility for the wedding reception. This may include a banquet or ballroom at a hotel, a large room at a conference center or even an entire hall or community center. In this situation table placement and seating are very carefully considered to allow traffic to flow through the room while still allow enough space between table for comfort.

Often the permanent bar is located towards one end of the large room, usually towards the back or one of the sides. However, this means that people have to walk from the opposite end and sides of the room to get to the bar. It can also result in a significant crowd and lines at the bar.

A better option would be to have smaller, portable banquet bar stations along the sides and the opposite end. This allows large groups to pick and choose the closest portable banquet bar, minimizing crowding and lines at the larger bar area.

Small Groups

For smaller wedding receptions in more intimate rooms opening up a large bar often is out of proportion with the actual number of people attending. In this case a single portable banquet bar can be used in the room and positioned at the most convenient and aesthetically pleasing location based on the table set up and room design.

In both situations the portable banquet bar can be fully stocked with all the necessary beverages and equipment the bartender will need. Since it is portable it can even be set up in one area of the room during the actual meal and then moved to a different location if you are planning a wedding dance and are reorganizing the room after the meal and before the music.

Having a portable banquet bar available for large groups or smaller wedding receptions is a great option for all facilities that host these events. To see what we offer view our bars at

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