Most people do not understand the difference between an epoxy floor and epoxy floor covering. The main difference between these two things lies in the amount and depth of the epoxy that is used in the process. Epoxy is of course a flooring material that is composed of resins and hardeners. These two components are mixed in a way to come up with a great flooring substance, which is applied in several layers to make the floor. Here is what you need to know about quality epoxy flooring.

Types of epoxy flooring

There are several types of epoxy floors, which are:

  The self dispensing epoxy floor: It is the hardest of the floors. It is perfect for areas of the house that have a heavy traffic. Corridors and office lobbies are great places where the self dispensing epoxy floor can be applied.

   The self dispensing epoxy floor with quartz sand: The great thing about this flooring material is that it has sand added to gain anti-slip properties. It is a great flooring material in areas that are prone to becoming slippery.

*    Self leveling epoxy floors: These are the easiest floors to clean up and maintain. They are the most common choices for areas in the house such as kitchens and the dining room.

*   Mortar epoxy floors: These are the strongest of all epoxy floors. Once installed, the will last for many years. Besides regular flooring, mortar epoxy floors are also great when it comes to making repairs before laying an additional layer of epoxy flooring material.

*   Flaked epoxy floors: These incorporate some colors and are a great addition for the interior decor in the house. The flakes are also great because they provide anti- slip qualities because of their slightly rough surface.

Generally, those are the major types of epoxy flooring materials that are available in the market. It is important to make sure that you are dealing with professionals like Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation in the process of installing quality epoxy flooring. This will make the process simpler and less stressful. For more information on the floors, go to

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