While more and more of the leisure beverage-buying public are turning away from conventional sodas due to health concerns, almost as many of them are spending their money on natural sodas. These are all the rage lately due to their lack of being produced with artificial sweeteners and other ingredients. Natural sweeteners, chiefly 100 percent pure sugar, are used to help flavor this new drink sensation.

While some may argue that sugar is linked to diabetes and other health ailments, new studies have actually found that the body’s reaction to artificial sweeteners is a bigger health concern due to the fact that the human body does not know how to process it. When the body is expecting something sweet, it sets into motion certain biological functions and, when the perceived sweetness is not met, the body reacts in negative ways such as spiking insulin in a dangerous fashion.

There are no such concerns with natural sodas because they are sweetened with pure sugar, an ingredient that has been used for thousands of years. The human body knows what to expect and reacts accordingly. There are also no reactions from artificial coloring because none are used in the process of making natural sodas. All coloring comes from naturally-sourced ingredients such as juices and fruit pulps.

Natural sodas from jarritos distributors in New Jersey are also handcrafted. Even the biggest of brands, such as Jarritos, are made in small batches when compared to mainstream industry giants. People like this small-batch craftsmanship because the quality tends to be higher and the flavors can be more exotic, such as Jarritos Tamarind natural soda. This brand is the only one with an extensive distribution that offers such a unique flavor.

One of the best ways to sample a high-quality natural soda is to look for a store or restaurant that orders directly from Jarritos Distributors in New Jersey. This way, the product is guaranteed to be as fresh as possible and delivered with the utmost of care and integrity. Contact us for a listing of places available in the area that are recommended that proudly stock the Jarritos brand and all of their delicious flavors.

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