How does it work?

When you have Google PPC Ads on your page and a visitor clicks on those ads, Google then pays you about 68 percent of what the advertiser pays them.

How much are clicks worth?

These depend on a lot of factors. Sometimes the amount can go anywhere from a few cents to dollars. It can depend on the ad or the site. However, the more visitors that come to your page, the more chances you have of someone clicking on those ads, and racking up a sizable revenue from those clicks.

Different types of ads

The Blog Press says Google Adsense offers three options you can go for when you want to add some ads to your sites. These include text only ads, image only ads and the third is a combination of both.

Adsense Rules

You’ll have to know what the rules of Adsense are, too, if you’re interested in integrating PPC into your marketing strategy. Just remember two golden rules: never click on your own ads. This is cheating and could lead to bad instead of good results. Also, make sure you keep your ads away from images on your site. You wouldn’t want to confuse readers and have them click on images instead.

Getting Help

If you know next to nothing about pay per click campaigns, no worries. You can hire an SEO company or one that offers online marketing services, including PPC. Taking this on might just be the solution to turn your online marketing around. However, make sure you pick a reliable, competent and trustworthy company.

So if you want to know how everybody else is using PPC to improve their revenue channels and growth, it might be time to ask for help. Reach out to an online marketing team for the assistance you need.

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