Don’t be fooled: Just because something looks like a run-of-the-mill plastic bag doesn’t make it so. Plastic has gotten a bad rap over the last few decades. The environment is suffering, and many people think doing away with plastic bags is the one true way to save it. It’s not that simple.

Polyethylene is biodegradable, and it is also a form of plastic. But–and this is the tricky part–just because something is plastic does not mean it is polyethylene. It’s the chemical properties of the polyethylene in our day-to-day plastic items that make it as environmentally safe as it is. There are different weights, different thicknesses, different colors, and different uses. All of those differences can fall under the category of plastic in its most Earth-friendly form.

Plastic Packaging in NJ Done Differently

There is a whole world of plastic bags and/or packaging uses that you might never have thought of. If you have, you might have thrown it out, thinking plastic is not recyclable and you would rather use something else to not hurt the environment. One of the forms polyethylene comes in is the plastic that many grocery bags are made of. Plastic bags made from polyethylene are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Nurseries often use polyethylene wraps around the roots and lower trunks of some of their big trees. It protects the roots from trauma until they can be planted. The plastic bag that your oranges come in from the store might be made from polyethylene. Hospitals often use bags made from polyethylene for their biohazardous waste.

Start to See Plastic in a New Way

Plastic packaging in NJ is available in hopes that the public will give plastics another thought. It is possible to have a cost-effective way to store and protect items that do not put people, animals, or the environment in danger.

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