When a person suffers from a combination of impairments that keeps them from working, they may be eligible for SSI benefits. To qualify for SSI benefits an applicant also must have little to no income or resources. The most common disability case is one that involves the combined effects of several medical impairments that prevent the claimant from being able to perform work regularly. Employers need reliable employees that are not hindered by their health to complete their work daily. If you believe you are eligible for Social Security benefits, contacting an SSI lawyer in Tucson, AZ is vital.

The Purpose of SSI

SSI is a program designed to provide monthly payments to medically disabled individuals so that they can pay for necessities. Meeting the standards to receive SSI can be difficult without professional assistance. Those already suffering from being unable to work due to pain, illness, and fatigue are forced to seek help. Employers are not likely to retain employees that miss more than a few days of work per month. If this sounds familiar, then contacting an experienced attorney will set you on the right path to filing an SSI claim.

The Need for Complete Medical Documentation and Records

One of the major stumbling blocks when applying for and receiving SSI benefits is having a complete medical record that supports the medical impairments. If medical records are missing or incomplete, there is less of a chance of receiving SSI benefits. A detailed and complete medical file can be the difference between approval and denial. An experienced SSI law firm can help you make sure your file is complete, and that you have the best possible chance of a favorable outcome.

Legal Forms that Increase Chances of Getting Approved

Most attorneys are going to ask if you have a doctor who is willing to complete forms to prove your disability case is worthy of approval. If a claimant has a supportive treating physician, then their claim will be much stronger. If a complete and favorable medical source statement is submitted by a claimant’s treating doctor, the SSI claim has a much higher chance of approval. An experienced SSI law firm should have a database full of these types of medical source statement forms. An SSD Law office, experienced in representing SSI claimants, should be able to provide you with a medical source statement form, help you in getting your doctor to complete a form, and assist you in submitting the form to Social Security.

People that intend to file for SSI disability benefits need an experienced SSI lawyer in Tucson, AZ for the best results. Contact Slepian Smith, PLLC today for further information.

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