Is the business card obsolete? The small paper used to bring in new clients for a business has been regarded as a tool from a bygone era. But, is that fair? Is the business card just as useful as it ever has been? Business printing in Orange County asks how the business card works in 2016.

When someone asks for a business card, it is silly to say “check out my website.” The reason is absurdly obvious- how do they remember it? Sure, they can add it as a note on their phone, which is a common response. But, a phone note is hardly the level of professionalism hoped for or expected.

Truthfully, the business card is just a single tool- a tool in a large and expansive marketing arsenal. No one is pretending that it is the sole solution or even the top solution. A business card, if done right, will be a mini-billboard for the business. It will also encourage further action while suggesting new outlets and ways to “experience” whatever the person is offering. A business card has the website on it. The business card has an email, a second or alternative form of contact, a logo for pure marketing purposes, and all the things present in an online webpage. It is just the gateway.

In that sense, a business card isn’t much different from a landing page. But, it does something even the best websites ever made can’t do- it opens the door in the real world. A patron visiting for the third time this month. A potential client who has showed interest before. The gentlemen are waiting in line at the grocery store who opened up a good conversation. These are places where a business card could be implemented- all places where a website falls short.

The Internet has done a lot of things to change the landscape of professional marketing. But, it hasn’t done so much to where good old-fashioned business cards are obsolete. Contact us for some great designs. There is still something to taking out a card, handing it over, and hoping for a call.

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