Weddings are regularly officiated at various unique spots or locales. One of these locations is Marriage Island in San Antonio. The site, on the San Antonio Riverwalk, is chosen for over 360 weddings annually.

An Exceptionally Romantic Spot to Recite Your Vows

If you want to get married in San Antonio, Marriage Island is certainly one place you want to consider. Rated as one of the top ten most romantic destinations for a wedding worldwide, Marriage Island is also considered one of the top five romantic wedding spots in the US.

If you are superstitious or want to make sure your upcoming marriage is a lucky one, then you will want to plan a wedding on Marriage Island. The isle, according to locals, will bring prosperity and good fortune to couples who choose to marry on the spot.

How the Island Was First Used

Indeed, you will feel blessed about your upcoming marriage when you see this romantic place. The location, which has been used for celebrations and worship for several hundred years, was used, initially, for a Catholic Mass on June 13, 1691. Spanish Missionary Damian Massanet performed the worship service.

The Father went on to rename the body of water that flowed along the green area for St. Anthony of Padua in honor of his feast day. In 1991, artist Rolando Briseño was commissioned to create a sculpture in commemoration of the first mass.

Today, the island is the site of a noted root ball of a cypress tree that has been standing for over 100 years. The land is kept and maintained to prevent the lovely and historic tree from sustaining damage. Thanks to the cypress, couples have a unique venue in which to get married.

If you are thinking of a romantic venue for a wedding, then you should check out the wedding packages online that are highlighted for this special isle. While it won’t hold a lot of guests, it is one location where you won’t regret holding a wedding event.

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