Having children is one of the toughest assignments that anyone can have. Looking after them is a job that can often leave one feeling exhausted and stressed. Once they reach school age, it may seem as if a great weight has been lifted, but it is only the beginning. In the schoolyard, they are subject to the whims of others and can even have accidents. The last thing that any parent wants is to get a call from their child’s school, informing them that their child has fallen and had an accident.

Fixing a Broken Smile

The sobering truth is that pediatric dentists see plenty of children each and every year who have either knocked out or damaged a tooth or two. For example, what if your child has fallen at school, and cracked a tooth on a bench seat? What if they have accidentally run into a wall and smashed out a large part of their tooth? These are common issues for children as they are growing and developing. At times like this, emergency dentistry is required to fix the problem.

The very first thing that an emergency dentist in Panama City Beach, FL will do is to assess the nature and extent of the damage. In emergency dentistry, the assessment is very important, as quite often the dentist needs to act quickly to save a damaged tooth. Teeth that have been partially knocked out or cracked are quite commonly seen.

After this initial evaluation, the dentist will talk about treatment options and communicate to you the extent of the damage. An x-ray may even be taken at this stage to further assess any damage that cannot be clearly seen. In many cases, the dentist will build up the tooth through the application of a special resin that hardens under UV light. Further treatments may be required to finalize the treatment.

Looking for a Good Dentist?

Everyone needs a number for emergency dentistry in Panama City Beach, FL, especially if they have children. One never quite knows when dental treatment will be required when it comes to kids!

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