Among the events known to produce multiple injuries and extreme fatalities is fire. Fire in houses and buildings are related to electrical systems and faults in the wiring. As a result, owners install devices that help gain better control over such events. Commercial business owners come up with a fire control panel that provides fire alarm systems which detect hazardous situations.

Iowa Fire Control is the most trusted life and fire safety company in the country. It offers a broad range of security and fire protection solutions. It provides a point of contact for all fire protection needs in the whole of Fort Dodge, Iowa. For decades now it has managed to keep Iowa safe by providing security and prolonged safety through commitment, civic education, and excellence.

Most of their customers appreciate their excellent customer relations, diligence in their work and their direct interactions with clients. This kind of relationship comes through sharing of information by holding seminars and gatherings, honest and forthright communication with their customers and commitment to offering the best service in the industry.

The core services include restaurant hood cleaning, fire extinguishing services, power washing, fire extinguisher training, fire suppression systems, fire alarms systems, exit and emergency lighting, access control systems and fire sprinklers. They also do life consultation, grease lock systems, and ductwork access panels.
Fire extinguishing service is majorly their area of specialization. They undertake monthly inspections and annual inspections whereby they conduct an appraisal and extensive hazard analysis followed by discussions aimed at raising civilians’ awareness on fire extinguisher safety options. Moreover, they ensure that a safe atmosphere for industrial and restaurant building builds up.

Technicians that are engaged in the fire extinguishing excesses are NAFED certified and tested through the International Code Council. Additionally, they are Ansul dealers that take part in the Ansul Fire School which exposes them to the real-life knowledge of how fire extinguishers work. Every building is required by law to install safety devices. Fire alarms are fundamental for keeping employees safe and, maintaining fire code compliance. Security is important for every individual and is at the forefront of everything. For more information, visit

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