Commercial-grade refrigerators are used in many businesses. Without a working refrigeration unit, many businesses would suffer loss of reputation and costly delays. Here are just some of the industries where commercial refrigeration is used extensively:

 *    In the hospitality sector where it is used for food storage, including restaurants, hotels, bars, and cafes

 *    In corner shops where food is prepared

 *    In supermarkets where large quantities of foods are stored over long periods of time

 *    In the food and beverage industry

 *    In ice-making machines

 *    In industries where volatile chemicals need to be stored at low temperatures

 *    In the pharmaceutical industry where medicines and vaccines require low temperature storage

 *    In hospitals

Is Your Refrigeration Unit on the Blink?

Of course, even commercial refrigeration units malfunction and break down from time to time. This is when a professional refrigerator repair technician will be necessary to evaluate the issue and provide repair or installation of a new unit.

Knowing when you need to call a company that specializes in refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA is crucial to planning when it comes to a business. Any of the following may indicate that your unit requires repair or servicing:

 *    Inefficiency: The one thing that every refrigerator should be able to do well is cool things down. If you note that one of your units is not cooling efficiently and the temperature is not lowering beyond a certain point, it might be time to look into professional refrigerator repair.

 *    Power Use: All refrigeration units require plenty of electrical power but a faulty unit may be drawing more power than normal. If you notice a sudden spike in your power bills, it could be a refrigeration unit.

Always Call Out an Expert

Given just how important refrigerators are to good business, it is important to get in touch with a company such as visit us website if there is anything amiss.

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