Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI) are a company with a solid reputation. They provide their customers globally, nationally and in such states as Texas, and Louisiana with pulley products that continue to make PPI a success. After more than 40 years in business, the company continues to expand in size while honing the excellence of its products including their Mine Duty Pulleys.

Mine Duty Pulleys

Conveyors can haul light industrial products and components. This is applicable for pharmaceuticals. However, many industries require the pulley to convey large amounts of heavy material with speed and efficiency. Mining companies top this list.

For them, PPI has the perfect response. They manufacture pulleys designed specifically to handle the challenging tasks required from them. In fact, Precision Pulley and Idler offers mining firms the choice between two types of mine duty pulleys. These are

1. Mine Duty Wing Pulleys

2. Mine Duty Drum Pulleys

This provides customers with choice. It allows them to select a pulley that meets the demands of their corporate concern in Louisiana.

Mine duty pulleys are durable. They also feature:

* Self-cleaning action –lessens the buildup of excessive material

* Extra heavy-duty construction – results in a decreased potential for metal fatigue

* Dependability – enhanced by its construction and design

These aspects make it suitable for working in harsh environments.

The same is applicable to the drum pulley. The latest Pro version offers increased reliability in the mine class. Machined from a single plate, therefore removing any hub-to-end welds, this pulley with a tapered end disc lacks any rough edges. The modifications act to improve the overall durability, reliability, and stability.

Precision Pulley and Idler

Mining companies with HQs in Texas and Louisiana require sturdy, reliable products. In, Precision Pulley and Idler, they find the ideal solution. Whether it is a wing or drum option, mining companies can count on PPI to provide them with a product that is effective, efficient and reliable.

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