When you are traveling on a business trip or a family vacation, you can’t leave your pets at home. Fortunately, there is dog boarding in Chicago facilities available for your beloved pet. Rather than having a neighbor care for your dog, arrange to have the pet cared for by professionals who love animals.

Experienced Trainer

The best person to take care of your pet is someone with a lot of experience, and you can find a trainer who has worked with dogs for over 25 years. Your dog is evaluated to determine if the animal can play with other dogs in the facility or if your pet needs private attention.

Safe Location

At a professional pet care facility, your dog will have a clean place to sleep at night and a fun place to play during the day. Before arranging care for your dog, make sure to visit your pet’s veterinarian to request a record of the dog’s vaccinations. This document is required to keep the Chicago dog boarding facility safe for all of the animals.

Obedience Training

If your dog needs a special diet or medications, then bring these things with you so that the trainer can care for your pet. In addition to having a great place to stay while you are away, your dog can go on guided walks or receive obedience training. Your dog can learn new skills while you are gone, including understanding how to listen to commands from you.

Call Us Today

Your dog will enjoy at least six hours of private or group outdoor exercise or playtime while being supervised in a safe area. To arrange dog boarding in Chicago for your pet, contact Chicago Canine Academy today at 773-655-0219.

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