A Microdermabrasion in Oro Valley beauty salon is a great way to improve the look and feel of your skin. This is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying a solution to the skin and using a sloughing device to remove dead skin cells, clean out pores, and uncover healthy skin. Although you can have this procedure done in a beauty salon, you can also do it yourself using an over-the-counter microdermabrasion kit. However, is it a good idea to do this procedure at home?

There are many benefits to using microdermabrasion kits at home. It’s convenient. The products are available at retail and beauty supply stores. You don’t have to make an appointment with a salon. All you need is some free time and a little patience. These kits are also typically less expensive than professional treatments. It can cost anywhere from $75 to $200 per kit. However, you can typically get several applications out of the product. Lastly, some of the high-end kits can produce salon-quality results.

These at-home products have disadvantages as well. The strength of the product is significantly less than the ones salons use. This is to help prevent people from injuring themselves. However, they can still damage the skin if you don’t follow the directions carefully. Because of the reduced strength, you may not achieve the results you want and if you do, the results don’t last as long as professional Microdermabrasion in Oro Valley

Microdermabrasion at a salon does cost more, but the quality of the results is generally better. The technicians at the salon are experienced at doing the procedure, so the chances of something going wrong are significantly reduced. Going to a salon can also be convenient since you don’t have to deal with buying the product, applying it, or cleaning up afterwards.

Deciding which option is right for you depend on your needs and preferences. If money is an issue, it’s a good idea to call the salon to see if it is offering any discounts on Microdermabrasion in Oro Valley. This can help you save money while still getting a professional service that is better for your skin. For more information visit Skin Care By Design MediSpa

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