It’s no secret that the success concerning any disease depends on when treatment is started. The same can be said of cavities. The sooner action is taken to stop it, the more effective treatment will be. A timely consultation with a dentist may cure tooth decay at an early stage, but you need to learn how to define this disease at every stage. If you have a cavity, you may want to seek Dental Work in Nashville immediately.

The very first stage is the appearance of cavities spots. It is quite difficult to notice, and when you detect it, you may not want to visit a dentist. By itself, this process is explained by the demineralization of tooth enamel. In this regard, it becomes thinner and loses its strength and density. Once this begins, pathogens quickly penetrate its structure.

Initial caries
At this stage, symptoms are virtually absent. The tooth does not bother you and it there is no noticeable cavity. Nevertheless, some signs can be suspected. After brushing your teeth, the area where the cavity is will become less brilliant, in terms of enamel. Subsequently, this location will have a whitish spot. This symptom is a sign of the beginning of cavity process. If untreated, the spot increases and changes in color. This is because the structure of the enamel becomes more friable and pigments easily penetrate into the enamel, altering its color.

Initial diagnosis
During the exam, dentists pay attention to dim areas of enamel. In addition, probing can determine roughness. For a more accurate diagnosis, a professional dental cleaning is performed. Next, the mouth should be rinsed with plain water and then jet air dried. After these procedures are done, the affected areas become bright white in color, which indicates the presence of a pathological process. In these cases, confirmation is often used by x-ray.

With early diagnosis, Dental Work in Nashville can also involve re-mineralization therapy. Also, electrophoresis solutions have a good standing within the dental community. The duration of treatment depends on the individual and the degree of enamel. At home teeth should be cleaned regularly using anti-caries toothpaste. Also, you need to watch your diet, the deletion of the increased amount of sucrose and irritating substances enamel. For more information contact the office of Jason White, DDS today.

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