Most systems for air conditioning in Palm Desert, CA are designed to last 20 years or more. However, in order to accomplish this they must have regular cleanings, inspections and maintenance work performed on them. One of the best ways to accomplish this can be by setting up a regular maintenance schedule with an air cooling company.

By setting up a regular maintenance schedule, a homeowner will not need to worry about when their system should have work done on it or what types of work it will need. The company handling the maintenance will know ahead of time what type of work is needed and when. This can be the best way to ensure the unit is kept in good working condition at all times.

In most cases, a maintenance schedule with a company who handles repairs to systems for air conditioning services in Palm Desert, CA will include a technician coming out to clean the unit prior to the start of times when the unit will be used on a regular basis. This generally will happen in late spring or early summer. Making sure the unit is well cleaned can be essential in making sure the unit will operate effectively and efficiently all summer long.

In addition to cleaning the unit, the technician will also check the air filter and replace this if necessary. Fans and fan belts are generally checked and replaced if needed. The motor will often be examined to ensure the wiring is secure and shows no signs of burns or damage. This will help in making sure there is no danger of the motor shorting out during its use and creating fire hazard. Some motors will also need to have oil added to the oil ports and the technician will handle this as well.

Since most systems today are split-level in design, they will have a unit outside of the home as well as one inside. The unit outside will need to be inspected and most likely cleaned to rid it of the various types of debris it can collect during the winter months. Once this matter is cleaned, the coils and fins on the unit will need to be cleaned to ensure the air flows through the system properly. Finally, the technician will check the coolant levels on the unit to ensure there are no leaks or other issues needing repairs.

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