Air conditioning professionals agree that the best time to get an air conditioner serviced or repaired is before the our hot, humid summer weather hits. Getting an air conditioner serviced early ensures the unit will be functioning properly on that first hot day. While air conditioning is a convenience for anyone, individuals with health issues are especially encouraged to make sure all appliances that affect indoor air quality are inspected and serviced on a regular basis.

Air Conditioning Service in Bainbridge Island is offered by several companies, but always look for a company with a demonstrated history of providing quality air conditioning service to our area’s residents. Local companies like Apple Valley Eagan Appliance have been around for many years, and have proven to be reliable sources for appliance service and repairs. Technicians from better companies that are servicing heating and air conditioning systems every day are trained to repair a wide variety of heating and cooling appliances. Never be afraid to inquire about the qualifications of a technician that is being trusted to work on any environmental appliance.

Many area residents hurt themselves by simply turning on an air conditioner to see if it still works after being off over a tough Minnesota winter. If it blows cool air, it is simply assumed the unit is functioning properly. Industry experts know that a poorly performing unit will still blow at least some cold air, but a unit that has not been serviced properly can cost much more to operate than one that has been properly serviced. In today’s climate of high cost energy, the extra costs of operation can build up quickly.

Units that are not functioning properly are also more prone to failure. For example, a poorly charged unit must cycle more often to maintain a cool temperature, placing an unnecessary strain on parts, with a system failure and emergency service call being the likely outcome. Smart consumers know that the cost of typical annual maintenance is quickly recovered through reduced costs of operation.

Quality Heating & Air Conditioning will respond to client’s service or emergency calls quickly to ensure that comfort and indoor air quality are maintained or restored as rapidly as possible. While they are in the home, ask what other maintenance servcies are generally recommended to save money.

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