While garage door repairs may not be needed every day, there are times when it pays to contact trained professionals for Garage Door Repair in Newton MA. Garage doors are heavy and awkward to deal with, which makes it difficult for property owners to handle most repairs themselves. Other safety-related issues are also present, especially when dealing with garage door springs.

What Is the Function of Garage Door Springs?

Since garage doors, especially the 16′ wide doors commonly seen on two-car garages, are heavy, they would be difficult to open or close safely without some type of assistance. That’s why springs under tension are installed. The spring tension makes lifting the heavy doors easy and prevents them from falling when being closed. Depending on the door’s design, there may be one spring at the top of the door or a spring on each side of the door. While it’s theoretically possible for homeowners to replace those springs themselves, repair professionals strongly recommend letting a trained Garage Door Repair in Newton MA expert deal with all spring-related problems.

When Should an Expert be Called?

That’s not really an easy question to answer since there are several variables to consider. If a spring actually breaks, it’s important to contact an expert for advice immediately, as the door will most likely be inoperable. Don’t attempt to move the door in either direction until you’ve contacted an expert and obtained their advice, as other issues may be involved with some types of doors and springs. If a door spring is making unusual sounds, it’s a good idea to avoid using the door until an expert can evaluate the situation and determine what strategy should be used to eliminate the problem.

Does Maintenance Reduce the Odds of Spring Issues Developing?

Probably not, as springs fail because the metal used becomes fatigued. However, routine maintenance visits by a garage door expert allow the technician to spot potential weaknesses of door springs. That means the spring could be replaced before it actually snaps. That would save time, money, and potential damage to vehicles or even injuries should someone be near when a spring broke.

For more information related to garage door springs and other repair issues, contact the experts. Homeowners are encouraged to visit the website for more information or to schedule repairs and maintenance. Find us on Facebook!

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