Support hose, often called compression stockings, can help individuals who have circulation problems in their lower legs. There are many benefits to wearing Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA. Knowing the benefits will help individuals to determine whether or not they should wear these garments to help with their circulation problems.

Learn About the Benefits

In the past, support hose were not always comfortable to wear. With advancements in manufacturing and materials, individuals are now able to wear these comfortably. The following are some of the biggest benefits of wearing Support Hose in Pittsburgh PA.

• One of the biggest benefits of wearing compression hose is the ability to improve blood circulation. When blood circulation is compromised in the legs, varicose veins can occur. With improved circulation, the health of the legs will be greatly improved.

• Wearing this type of hose can also help to prevent blood clots. Blood clots form when the blood is not circulating properly. Blood clots can become deadly and need to be prevented, if at all possible.

• Leg swelling can occur for a variety of reasons and can sometimes be very uncomfortable for the sufferer. Wearing compression stockings can help to ease leg swelling and prevent it from occurring.

• Those who have vein diseases will find wearing support hose will help to improve their condition and prevent them from being uncomfortable. By forcing the blood flow to return, the health of the veins can be greatly improved.

• Support stockings help to stop blood from pooling in the lower legs which can lead to a host of vein health problems and uncomfortable swelling.

Learn More Today

The right supportive hose can be worn under any clothing and are virtually undetectable. Although the material is thin, it is able to offer a high level of support to the legs. There are many reasons a person might need to wear these stockings. Sometimes, a doctor will prescribe their patient support hose after leg surgery or during the healing process of a vein condition.

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