As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide your workers with the right equipment to do the job. Some equipment will make doing rigging work easier and more efficient, while other equipment will make doing the work safer. Whenever you choose equipment, you want to ensure it’s the highest quality, whether it’s a Crosby turnbuckle, a harness or clamps.

To get the best equipment, start with a reputable vendor. The right vendor will talk with you about how you plan to use the equipment, and ensure you get the right brand for the job. Here are some things to look for to ensure you have a good vendor for your equipment.

  • A long history – Look for an equipment vendor with a history in the business and a solid reputation. Longevity means you won’t have to worry about your vendor going out of business just as you come to rely on them.
  • A wide variety of brands – You should have choices in the equipment brands you purchase, so that you can control the equipment you’re using and your budget.
  • Great customer service- When you place a call to your vendor, you want someone to answer the phone, and know the answer to your questions.
  • Fair pricing – It’s not a wise idea to purchase equipment like Crosby turnbuckles based on price alone, since quality is so important in equipment like this. However, you should expect your vendor to offer pricing that is competitive.
  • Short lead times – You need a vendor that can fulfill orders quickly to ensure you have parts and equipment when you need it.

Looking for these traits in an equipment vendor can help ensure you get the service you deserve, and the equipment you need without a hassle, allowing you to get back to the business you do best.

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