It can be extremely frustrating to be denied what you consider to be a your rightful claim to Social Security disability benefits, after all, you have been paying FICA taxes for years.

If you are denied benefits you are in good company, about three quarters of all applicants are. When you are advised that your application has been denied, this is not the end of the line, you can appeal the Administration’s decision. There are three levels of appeal; a request for reconsideration, a hearing and a request for review by the Appeals Council. If, after pursuing all levels of appeal you are still denied benefit you have the right to take your case to Federal Court.

Legal assistance is extremely important:

If you prepared the initial application without legal guidance, now is the time to hire a disability attorney in Missouri to help you prepare for a successful appeal. Like most government agencies, the laws, rules and regulations governing Social Security are extremely complex, without help from a legal professional your chances of success are greatly reduced.

Reasons for denial of benefits:

Even though your disability meets the standards as established by Social Security, there are still many reasons for your claim being denied. Often the claimant will inadvertently fail to include an important detail; it could be a recent report from your attending physician or some part of your medical history. There are many reasons, reasons that on the surface appear to be inconsequential, but the SSA need all supporting documentation to understand your condition. In cases such as this having a disability attorney in Missouri review the data you included with your claim can help that information that is missing.

Rarely is an application approved at the reconsideration stage. It is when you and your attorney have the opportunity to present your case to an Administrative Law Judge that the odds of approval swing in your favor.

If you apply for Social Security disability only to have your application denied you need to hire a seasoned disability attorney in Missouri to assist with your appeal. You are invited to contact Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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