Carpet installation in Seattle WA may seem straightforward and easy to find, but we have a few helpful tips to give you a better experience when you’re in need of new carpet.

Choosing a Carpet Company in Seattle, WA

Getting carpet installation in Seattle WA is actually quite easy, but finding the best trending carpet colors, a premium pad, luxuriously soft carpet material, a trustworthy team to install the carpet and at a fair price, is not always that effortless to find. Here are some helpful tips when searching for a carpet company to serve your needs:

1.Choose a Carpet Company in Seattle that Offers Lifetime Warranties.

Carpet Companies are always trying to sell their products, but very few companies will offer Lifetime Warranties on their products. The reason is because there is no way to tell how you (the consumer) will treat the carpet once its installed. There may be spills, daily tractions and wear, pets, there’s absolutely no way to tell. But, the best carpet companies offer products that don’t rely on seeing the future, but instead rely on quality that can withstand the harshest of household environments. Carpet companies that offer lifetime warranties are willing to put their money where their product is. Lifetime Warranties amount to a quality product, quality materials, quality stain-resistance and quality carpet installation because the carpet company is confident that you won’t need to utilize the warranty. If you do need to enact the warranty for whatever reason, you have peace of mind that your carpet investment is backed by a lifetime warranty.

2. Choose a Carpet Company in Seattle that Offers Premium Pads.

Premium pads are often overlooked. This is actually what keeps the carpet soft and comfortable, while providing additional protection underneath the carpet. Certain carpet companies will show you the carpet itself and then skip over the carpet pad because that’s where they lack in quality. Make sure to review the carpet pad and its features before purchasing any carpet because this will inevitably be just as important as the carpet itself. Find out the thickness, is it premium, does it come included with the installation? Answers to these questions will save you from a lot of headaches and money in the long run.

3. Choose a Carpet Company in Seattle that Offers Premium Products for a Fair Price

A “fair price” can be subjective; however, our definition of fair is when you are paying for what something is worth, rather than being sold something that doesn’t meet expectations or that the price doesn’t match the quality. The last thing you want to do is spend tons of money on new carpet only to find out that you made the wrong decision. The only thing worse than that is going the cheap route and never even being able to enjoy your new carpet because it was the cheapest carpet you could find. In this industry, like so many others, you get what you pay for. However, there are certain carpet companies that offer carpet installation in Seattle, WA that actually deliver a premium product for a fair price. Do your research and determine what core offerings come with your purchase. Is it worth having a lifetime guarantee on your carpet pad if the price is a bit higher than not having one? Does the quality match the price? Can you feel the quality and will you be happy with your decision? If you know that your carpet will last decades instead of a couple years will you live happy knowing that you got a good deal? These are the questions you should be asking in relation to a fair price for premium products.

4. Choose a Carpet Company in Seattle that Offers Free Samples Sent to Your Home

You will never be able to tell if a certain color will work in your home’s décor unless you actually see it in your house. That’s why we are advocates for our 5th tip below, but we will get to that in a minute. You should be able to tangibly see the carpet you’re about to purchase inside of every room to ensure that you have the best selection BEFORE you buy. Some “in-store” companies will send you home with a piece of carpet that the cut from the roll. While other more professional companies will actually send you a custom sample tailored to your specifications of color so that you don’t have to waste time going to carpet store after carpet store and waste time getting samples that you just don’t need and will never buy. Make sure when you’re selecting your next carpet company, that they offer free samples shipped right to your door. This is the best way to get a true taste of your new carpet before you waste any time and spend any money.

5. Choose a Carpet Company in Seattle that Sells their Carpet Online

In every facet of life, there are always progressions. Old school vs. new school. Simple vs. complicated. Well, in 2019 and beyond, there’s a much simpler and effective way to ordering new carpet. Order your carpet online! Seems like a normal progression due to Amazon pretty much taking over the retail environment, but truth be told, there’s only ONE carpet company in Seattle, WA that prides their entire business model on selling the best quality carpet online. In Seattle it’s raining a majority of the year. A lot of mud, dirt and water can get dragged in on the carpet. When you have the option of buying your carpet online, you don’t have to go out in the weather and drive to numerous carpet stores, only to have to drive back home to see if the carpet will match the décor in your home. Ordering carpet online allows you to choose from top trending colors, select the thickness and plushness of your carpet, and you can even get a custom sample of the carpet your shopping sent straight to your door. No more going out looking for carpet installation in Seattle’s weather and traffic. Instead, you’ve got a complete home delivery service catering to your every need. Once you’ve made sure that the carpet fits your every need, you schedule your installation date and time online and BOOM, your new carpet is installed. Simple.
We hope that these 5 tips are helpful the next time that you are looking for new carpet for your home. Please comment below if you have any thoughts or ideas to improve this list.

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