There is a range of different companies and international headquarters for businesses in and around Houston, TX. It is a hotspot in the oil and gas industry, but also in production, manufacturing, and processing, so there are business meetings and corporate meetings throughout the year.

Finding a way to entertain out-of-town colleagues or taking the top performers in any department out for a special event in Houston, TX, does not have to just include the traditional dinner out. An option that is ideal for any type of corporate event is to hire instructors and take your staff, colleagues, or guest out for clay shooting classes.

What to Consider

Working with the top trainers offering clay shooting classes is the first step. These trainers can customize the experience to meet your expectations. This can include a half-day, full-day, or even a two-day training or clinic, allowing for maximum flexibility.

The instructors typically work with a local gun range and gun club. This provides the participants of the event with the shotguns and ammunition they need during the clinic. The instructor works with each participant at his or her level to help them to learn basic to advanced techniques for improving accuracy.

These types of clay shooting classes are designed to be highly interactive and supportive of the level of each participant. The experience of the instructor or instructors ensures that everyone leaves the training with better accuracy and shooting skills, even if it is their first time firing a weapon.

Taking your guests, colleagues, or employees out for shooting classes is sure to provide a memorable day. Given the excellent year-round weather in the area, this is a perfect option at any time and one that will be unique from other corporate events.

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