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What Is an Assisted Living Facility in Bethlehem, PA?

There are two different kinds of retirement living facilities. There is an independent living facility and an assisted living facility. The assisted living communities are often paired with independent living facilities. They differ from the independent facilities in terms of the amount of help

Skilled Nursing in Fairfield County, CT: Difference between Skilled Nursing and a Nursing Home

The first step in finding viable care options for your loved one is an understanding of industry terminology. It’s common for confusion to arise from the use of the terms “skilled nursing” and “nursing home.” It is helpful to remember that the skilled nursing

Senior Assisted Living in South Florida: What You Need to Know

As you grow older, life is supposed to become easier and easier. However, you should know that life is likely to change drastically after your retirement. Elder people in the family often have special needs and need assistance to get about their daily lives

The Role of an Elder Care Advisor in Grand Haven, MI

No matter how far in advance you have planned for your loved one to move to a care facility, when the time comes to make a decision on where he or she will be living, it can be very difficult to be sure that

The Help Provided by Seniors Independent Living in Appleton, WI

As people age, it is normal for them to need a little more assistance with living and everyday actions. Not everyone needs the care that comes from a memory center or has to live in a nursing home. Depending on the faculties of you

Dementia Care Advisor in Anaheim, CA: 24-Hour Care Facilities

Family members who have a senior who suffers with dementia often worry about the type of care that they will receive in a senior care facility. Most people don’t like the idea of burdening someone else with the struggles of living around someone with

Do You Need an Assisted Living Placement in Katy, TX?

Any child of parents who are elderly and frail will understand that there are a wide range of mixed emotions that are experienced in such situations. In many cases, elderly family members find that they are physically frailer, but still desire to participate to

Retirement Homes Can Accommodate a Variety of Senior Health Care Needs

For a lot of families, placing a family member in a senior care facility is a tough thing to do, but the good news is there are companies that hire professional advisors who can help you choose the right facility for your loved one.

Bridging the Gap Between At-Home Care and Assisted Living

Do you want to keep your loved one at home, but find yourself overwhelmed by some of their daily care needs? If so, you may want to consider an adult day care program like Middlesex’s own South Amboy Adult Day Health Care Center. An

5 Benefits of Senior Housing in Spokane WA

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. Therefore, making the decision to move is never easy, particularly for a senior citizen who must leave the familiarity of home to move into Senior Housing in Spokane WA. For some, the idea evokes images