If you have an elderly family member, you might think that the only type of care that can be received is at a nursing facility. Although this is a common type of care, there are several other options available that range from allowing your loved one to stay at home to moving to an assisted living facility.

Home Care

One of the types of elderly care in Sebastian, FL, that is often convenient for the entire family is at-home care. A nurse or assistant will provide care in your family member’s home. This allows your loved one to stay in a comfortable environment. It also makes it easier for family members and friends to continue visiting, which can help keep the spirits and motivation of the person high.

Assisted Living

This is a similar arrangement to living at home. However, the person would need to move to a facility. An aspect of assisted living elderly care in Sebastian, FL, is that residents usually have their own space and can do as they please. Assistance is offered when needed, and there are usually group activities available for residents to enjoy.

Nursing Home Care

If your loved one needs medical care that is a bit more structured, then a nursing home might be the best option. There are nurses and assistants at the facility 24 hours a day who provide help with everything from feeding, dressing, bathing, and range of motion exercises. There is also assistance with dementia if this is an issue.

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