When choosing new linen tablecloths, you must consider many factors. Most people know you must choose the right size and shape for your table, but the color is also critical. The following guide will help you pick the most appropriate colors for your purpose and room design.


The room’s theme plays a critical role in the color you choose for linen tablecloths. Think about the rest of the room’s decor to find a complementary color that matches well and brings the room together. If you’re looking for tablecloths for a special occasion, such as holidays or a wedding, consider the occasion’s theme to ensure you have tablecloths that match everything else.

Neutral Colors

Many homeowners select neutral colors for linen tablecloths to ensure they can use them longer, even if the room’s decor changes. Neutral colors will match any other color scheme, allowing more flexibility for your dining room. White works well, but remember that tablecloths can easily stain with spills. Instead, consider variations of cream, tan, or other off-white shades.

Tried and True Classics

Some colors are classics for linen tablecloths. These colors are easy to find and allow you to build your room’s decor around them. Standard colors in many dining rooms include browns, purples, and blacks for dimly lit environments or whites, reds, and oranges for brighter rooms.


Solid colors are standard, but some individuals prefer patterned tablecloths. Remember that patterns can be more challenging to match with decor and detract from the food if you want to show off to family and friends.

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