Businesses of all sizes use vehicle tracking systems to control costs, improve efficiency and monitor equipment and drivers. The GPS technology and software used in fleet tracking systems is better than ever before and offers greater flexibility and access to information. There are a variety of systems available to choose from and some things to consider for selecting the best system for your business.

How a Tracking Device Works

A vehicle tracking device keeps a record of the location of your fleet and collects a variety of information about the vehicles in your fleet. A good system allows you to check the locations of the vehicles in your fleet. This information can be used for scheduling, planning and driver management.

Analyzing the information collected by the system can provide several benefits. The information can be used for decision-making, which improves efficiency, and using the information for driver management introduces accountability into your system.

Choosing the Best Tracking Device

A high-quality vehicle tracking device should be small and easy to install in the vehicles in your fleet. The systems use GPS tracking technology and a modem to transmit information about the vehicle to the software. Once installed, information from the vehicle tracking device is sent to the software, where it can be viewed in real time or saved to generate reports later. This includes information about location, fuel consumption, driver behavior and more. Companies use this information to profile the driver or the trip for dispatch and scheduling decisions, and to reduce fuel costs, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Information from the tracking data is generally updated in real time on the software. This provides businesses with information that can be used to dispatch trucks or service vans and ensure an efficient delivery schedule. You can check the location using the software for any vehicle in your fleet with a comprehensive vehicle tracking system.

The best system provides a rugged, high-quality vehicle tracking device with web-based software applications. RASTRAC offers real-time information, notifications by email, telephone or text, and the software generates reports to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce overall fleet costs.

The cost of the system depends on the features and needs of the individual company. Browse the RASTRAC website to learn more about the software solutions available for businesses in construction, transportation, education, oil and gas and other industries. Contact us to find a dealer in your area, or search for a local dealer on the RASTRAC website.

Keep precise record of your fleets with the vehicle tracking device and software systems from RASTRAC.

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