‘Online dating’, the name itself sounds exciting and fun. You have nothing to loose here. You can get to know millions of people all over the world by just sitting in front of your computer/laptop and who knows – he/she may turn out to be your future spouse. They say, pairs are made in heaven and the task of finding out your partner in this world is left to you. May be, your pair is somewhere out there, waiting for you to log on to an online dating website and find him/her out.

Online dating history:
Around the same time, when the World Wide Web started taking off in 1995, a very popular dating site was started. More than 60,000 people join this site every day from the time it started. This led to the concept of online singles dating. The website became a common platform for singles to connect to other people. This gave rise to online dating service.

Features of Online dating service
There are many features and advantages of singles dating method. To be on the safe side, it is advised to be careful and not give out too much personal information, till you trust the person you are dating online. Some of the important features of online dating service are:

  1. The databases are enormous and you can search through them to find your perfect match
  2. You can search for casual friendship
  3. Singles can look for love
  4. Some online dating sites require you to become a member.
  5. You can make your own profile. Post your pictures, video clips and other personal interests and hobbies.

 Stay safe while dating online:
Just like anything in the world, online dating also has its downsides. Singles dating online must be careful about not getting too emotionally involved, until they are sure of the relationship. Here are some of the things to keep in mind while using an online dating service to stay safe:

  1. Remember that the identity of a person provided in the internet is virtual
  2. Many people use false identities to impress people
  3. False identity is used to impress people and lure them.
  4. People can use fake pictures and lie about their age, name and sex

The Future of online dating service:
Online dating practice has become a very profitable industry with the advancement of technology and internet. Online dating websites provide people with a place to meet, without having to appear in flesh and blood.  It is a boon for those people who are very shy by nature.

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